Little Red Trip Report Comin’ Soon… February 18, 2012 No Comments

First thing we heard in the van was some Tupelo… brought back some very good memories.

Attention fly fishing blog community…you all suck. February 1, 2012 6 Comments

Well either I have a bur up my ass or this North Peak Vicious is just making me feel a bit frisky, but this post “Dear Fellow Fly Fishing Blog Writers” by Alex Kain sort of has stuck with me all day and I just can’t seem to let it go. I know it’s exactly what he wants, and your welcome for the link back AK.

But just to “put it all out there”. Here is our letter to the editor.

Dear AK,
We will spend the next few days reading every post you have ever written in all of your many blogs. If after that time we wish we had your life, we will drive our sorry asses to MI and personally kiss your ass. If we don’t wish we were you after reading your dribble? Well, we get to decide that outcome as well. Maybe we all get in a boat and just go fishing. As for now, focus on the fishing, we hear shit is real tight up there right now and isn’t that what all this is about anyway?

If entertainment is what you’re after, maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree. Try internet porn. We hear there is some really good stuff out there these days. Surely you can find a site that’ll suit YOUR needs.

Hatchless Disclaimer – we don’t expect anyone to read our blog because we already know it sucks. We just like to hear ourselves talk. Tight lines and shit.

A Gentle Reminder That I am Almost 40… January 21, 2012 4 Comments

This video reminds me of my age but in a good way for sure.

Yeah, he’s a scientologolist or whatever but fuck it…

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Happy Holidays Bitches! December 26, 2011 No Comments

We fucking love you all. Have a Happy New Year too!

Mancamp. Mostly a Photo Essay… cuz we didn’t catch shit… December 20, 2011 No Comments

So far for the last 5 or 6 years we make a special trip to the river that we like to call “Mancamp”. The term “mancamp” is reserved for when the Texans come to town. For the last few years it has been an early fall/closing weekend deal. This year we postponed for a week or so b/c of the new regs. This year, b/c of scheduling and the fact that it should be stellar, we planned it for early October. Pre-spawn browns were the target. Bad weather was the hope.

You couldn’t have begged for better weather… for early fall color viewing. I mean really. We had perfect weather for anything you would hope to do on an early October weekend in Northern Michigan except target big, hungry, and horny pre-spawn browns on the Au Sable. It was sunny and 70 degrees every day we were there. Absolutely gorgeous weather to sit in a boat, cast your arm off, and consume many beers.

We did turn a fair amount of big fish which is always fun. Especially after a hot summer that had many concerned about a possible fish kill. The words we heard were that we turned more good fish than many of the other anglers that weekend. Nice to hear but boating a few of those that took more than a peek would have been nice. A fair number of teens were put in the boat but when you’re hunting the big stuff, small teeners don’t get in photos like they should hence the lack of fish pics in this post. Everyone caught fish but not everyone got a pic. Redundant is… well… redundant. Read the rest of this entry »

Some of my new favorite fly fishing blogs December 14, 2011 1 Comment

The dudes over at Lo Fi Fly need your help, go hate on them. Their recent “this season could use more hate” post got me thinking about all my new favorite blogs. So here is my short list of fly fishing awesomeness or assholeness. I will let you decide. Oh, its been rainy as fuck here in Ohio so we can’t fish for shit. So we just get drunk. Cheers.

Lo Fi Fly – funny fucks
Shooting Head – it has boobs, need I say more.
Frontside Fly – Sweeds make pretty videos
Gink and Gasoline – nice dudes

New Sticks, Part one. November 28, 2011 1 Comment

This year I was the proud recipient of a few new sticks that are worth writing about. The first one I purchased I believe I mentioned earlier this year with the promise of a review. Naturally, since that one was purchased first, I will go chronologically and start there.

Early this spring I decided I needed a 7wt. for throwing the bigger streamers. I have been fishing a TFO TiCR 6wt. for a few years and the bigger stuff was getting a bit cumbersome to throw with it. The 6 is a custom built stick that a friend put together for me and I think I mentioned in an earlier post how I feel about it. It still love it and I will still use it but I think it has to be re-purposed based on the performance of the new rod I picked up this spring. Being that I’m not a millionaire I decided that my highest price point was going to be around $250-300. After doing the shopping/research thing I settled on a new company, Rise, based on the simple fact that they seemed to have their sights set on the big picture (conservation) rather than their bottom line. That, coupled with the extra tip the rod came with, and some good pre-purchase communication (Amanda, one of the owners, is a VERY patient person… I can get a bit long in the tooth…) was the ultimate selling factor.

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HFO November 18, 2011 No Comments

Dam nice to see. November 1, 2011 No Comments

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about this river. I do enjoy watching this sort of destruction. Awesome.

Best of all. I’m glad to see that the smoke monster from LOST found a new gig. One that really makes a difference. Pause the video at about the 25 second mark and see Smokey in action!


Streamer Punk via: The Drake October 18, 2011 No Comments

Streamer Punk

by: Will Rice

October 18, 2011


He is guilty.

He did it.

He confesses.

He comes clean.

He is a streamer punk.

Simple ideas turn to thoughts: Streamers in the fall—there are few things he enjoys more. 5X? No. 4X? Nope. 3X? Maybe… if the water is clear. 2X? These fish aren’t leader shy and matching the hatch is not exactly scientific.


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